Hi, I'm Michelle


I am so happy you made it to our neck of the woods over here in Fresno, California. First and foremost photography is not just a job for me, it is truly my passion and has been for as long as I can remember. My mother used to tell me that my grandfathers spirit was living with-in me, for he was a photographer as well and loved his craft. I started this journey to tell a story, only not with words, but with images. That's what I will do for anyone that steps in front of my camera. I will be your story teller.

When I'm not taking pictures you will find me with my amazing family and my kids, being a dog mom to my precious animals, roller skating at any skate park I can find, travelling as much as possible, taking long drives and searching for new adventures. Just loving and living life to its fullest.

Meet Teresa


Teresa Nelson was an artist in her own right when her photography skills caught the eye of her twin sister Michelle. As the demand for the studios wedding and portrait photography grew, Michelle knew another photographer was needed. Teresa was the obvious choice as the sisters thought and style process was symbiotic in so many ways that she would be a natural fit. Since joining the She Breathes Studios team Teresa has functioned as a lead photographer at over 100 weddings. Working closely with Michelle, she has developed a unique style of photography that individualizes her but supports the ideas and concepts Michells clients have come to love and enjoy.